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We are away for a short trip from Friday 29th back on Tuesday 2nd Aug. Orders will be shipped promptly after our return - Thanks.

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Use a sheepskin rug on your sofa as a soft textural throw

A sheepskin rug looks lovely draped over the back of your sofa longways. Sheepskin gives a plush and textural feel to a room.

Notice how people will wander over and stroke the soft wool. And Icelandic sheepskins are larger than normal sheep and their hair is long and flowing or beautiful.

If you use a single sheepskin then place the skin over to one side off-center for the best visual effect.

This is taking advantage of an asymmetrical rule, and then balance the sofa with more cushions or a blanket on the opposite side.

The natural black/brown sheepskins work very well when used this way. Then when you sit on the sofa you lean up against the soft & warm wool and it is so comforting and snugly against your back.

A double sheepskin is two skins sewn together tail end to tail end to create an extra long wool rug. This works well on the seat of your sofa, especially on a leather sofa that can be cold in the winter.

Or use a double sheepskin over the back of the sofa from left to right - this time center the sheepskin on the sofa; it will look great but also helps protect your sofa from sun damage or animal claws.

The cat will sleep wherever you put the sheepskin so use this to your advantage. Or buy your pet there own sheepskin pet bed!

Try sheepskin rugs draped over a chair or ottoman

A single sheepskin works wonders in an armchair on the seat or over the back, but also works well in a butterfly chair, egg chair or any other single person chair.

Especially wire frame chairs that are uncomfortable without a cushion or padding.

Sheepskins are amazing for older people who feel the cold or who need extra softness and support for sore hips and backs.

A double length sheepskin in a La-Z-Boy style chair is bliss. Place the skin either over the back of the chair or on the seat; the choice is yours - there is no right or wrong way.

Or scatter single skins onto ottomans or footstools for a very soft seat or footrest. I use one on my footstool in a winter as an extra warm foot-soother.

Throw sheepskins into your outdoor chairs or benches for a cosy evening of entertaining around the outdoor table or barbecue grill.

Make your outdoor entertainment area look like a magazine article!

Grey sheepskin rug on a wire frame chair

Sheepskins on either side of your bed

People often forget that you can use a sheepskin on the floor as a rug. Singles are easy to wash in a domestic washing machine; doubles are easily washed in a bath if they won't fit into a washing machine.

We have a wonderful special sheepskin wool wash and cleaning instructions to help you out.

How about trying a double sheepskin rug in front of a fireplace? Or a matched pair of doubles down either side of your bed.

Sheepskin rugs beside a bed

Rugs for a Home Theater room

A large sheepskin rug works very well in a home theater to soften the space, making your family TV room or home theater comfortable and welcoming.

And the wool also helps with noise reduction and great acoustics. They come in multiples of four, six or eight skins sewn together.

A Fluffy Warm Sheepskin for Child's Bedroom

And don't forget how wonderful these rugs are on the floor in a children's bedroom. Fun colours are available in limited supply and have a look at Buddy the Bear who is a great neutral sheepskin for kids.

A single or double sheepskin in a child's bedroom running beside their single bed. There is nothing better than stepping out of bed at any time of year onto a soft and fluffy sheepskin rug.

Buddy the Bear Sheepskin rug for kids

Sheepskins for work spaces at home

And finally you can use a sheepskin on a home or work office chair or children’s study chair for extra comfort.

These types of chairs are often sat in for long periods of time so a softer warmer seat is always welcome.

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