We are away for a short trip from Friday 29th back on Tuesday 2nd Aug. Orders will be shipped promptly after our return - Thanks.


We are away for a short trip from Friday 29th back on Tuesday 2nd Aug. Orders will be shipped promptly after our return - Thanks.

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Icelandic Sheepskin #016 - Black & White

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  • Beautify Long Flowing Woolly Hair
  • Made in New Zealand
  • Real Wool Whole Skin
  • Usually Ships in 1-3 Business Days
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Icelandic sheepskins have beautiful long flowing hair-like wool that drapes perfectly and is soft to touch. This particular Icelandic sheepskin is a beautiful warm black & off-white.

The black and white colour is natural and this is the exact Icelandic sheepskin that you will receive. Icelandic sheepskins can have a mild animal sheep lanoline smell. 

The approximate size of each sheepskin is 100cm x 70cm but each skin is different and they do vary. This exact Icelandic sheepskin is 84cm x 73cm.

Wool length also varies across the sheepskin starting at 10cm and can be as long as 15-20cm in some places.

Icelandic Sheepskins (also called Nordic Sheepskins) are a very beautiful hardy & cold tolerant ancient breed of sheep that originated in Iceland near the Arctic Circle.

As an interior decor throw, the Icelandic sheepskin is superior to common sheep because of their beautiful range of natural colours including gorgeous shades of grey, and their thick long & soft wool.

The ultimate in luxury, Icelandic sheepskins are second only to reindeer skins in softness and denseness.

Icelandic sheepskins have beautiful crimped long flowing hair-like wool similar to mohair, that drapes perfectly and is very soft to touch. They are so gorgeous that they almost elude description. The wool on an Icelandic sheepskin feels more like soft silky hair than typical wool.

Because these Icelandic sheepskins are natural colours (not dyed) they are suitable to place in a room that gets bright or direct sunlight for some of the day, but be aware that the sun fades and damages everything eventually.

The fleece of the Icelandic sheep is classed as a premium exotic wool. The thick and double layered fleece has long flowing guard wool on top called "tog", and the soft fine downy wool undercoat called "thel". This special double fleece keeps and animal warm and dry in the extreme Icelandic climate.

To maintain an Icelandic sheepskin give it a light brush every three months with a wool carding brush to de-tangle. And if it ever needs a wash use the Gorgeous Creatures woolskin wash.

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