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Pacific Alpacas Pure Alpaca All Seasons Duvet 150gsm + 350gsm

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$413.00 - $502.00
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High Quality Alpaca Made in NZ

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Perfect Wedding or Birthday Gift

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Super Soft & Fluffy Warm

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Made To Order

Size: NZ/AU Double Duvet 180cm x 210cm (150+350gsm)

Two Alpaca duvet inners in one! This pure Alpaca wool duvet inner is made in New Zealand from 100% NZ grown alpaca wool - guaranteed!

Because of covid-19 delays we have been unable to get the silver fern print white cotton lining fabric from overseas. All orders will have a different white cotton fabric with silver snowflakes print and unique Maori "Cloud of Dreams over-stitching "until further notice. All sizes are currently made to order - allow three weeks for dispatch.

A thin & light 150gsm summer weight + 350gsm mid-season weight duvet that clip together to make a 500gsm winter weight duvet inner. So mix and match to suit the seasons.

The duvet comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and purpose made heavy duty cotton carry/storage bag.

A great all-season 150gsm + 350gsm Alpaca fibre fill weight encapsulated in a high quality cotton outer cover. Lightweight and breathable. Proudly made in New Zealand

This heirloom Alpaca duvet features Pacific Alpacas’ trademarked ‘Cloud of Dreams’ stitching pattern designed by a Maori artist to keep the wool fibre firmly in place. And is covered in a unique printed white silver fern pattern, giving it a truly New Zealand-made feel (see red text above - current stock will have a snowflake print pattern).

Alpaca wool is 25% warmer than wool by weight. If you want breathability with warmth and a light feeling duvet that doesn’t smother you, try Alpaca. Perfect for people who are unwell or recovering from operations and cannot stand blanket weight on their bodies.

Alpaca fibre, unlike sheep’s wool, contains no lanolin or natural body oils, making the fibre naturally odourless, hypoallergenic, and mildew resistant with an added bonus of being lighter than wool.

Having one of the highest moisture wicking properties of all natural fibres, alpaca fibre allows our duvets to be the perfect breathable cover for you during most times of the year.

Body moisture is absorbed by the fibre; keeping sweat away, and then slowly released to the outside of the duvet into the air allowing you to be dry and evenly warm.

Dry-clean or gentle HAND wash in warm water using a mild wool wash detergent. Do not machine wash or spin. Do not bleach or iron. Dry flat, do not dry in a dryer. Dry thoroughly before using again or putting into storage.

Alpaca duvets grown in New Zealand