We are away for a short trip from Friday 29th back on Tuesday 2nd Aug. Orders will be shipped promptly after our return - Thanks.


We are away for a short trip from Friday 29th back on Tuesday 2nd Aug. Orders will be shipped promptly after our return - Thanks.

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About Cowhide Rugs

Our sensuous cowhide rugs will delight you with their soft feel & stylish look. Each cowhide is a unique natural creation of beauty.

About cowhide rugs by Gorgeous Creatures

Let Gorgeous Creatures show you our constantly changing range of elegant cowhide rugs.

These stunning natural floor coverings can be addictive.

They come in an infinite variety of natural colours that will provide a versatile, easy-care rug option to enhance your home décor.

It is perfectly OK for the sticking out parts (legs etc.) of the hide to go under your furniture.

This helps to anchor a room setting of furniture. And cowhides look best on a 45 degree angle to furniture.

Curl up with your loved one on the sofa and enjoy the beauty of your stunning new rug: it will inspire you like a natural work of art.

Delight in the warm, silky feel of your sleek cow rug underfoot.

Run your toes through the soft hair to caress your feet and soothe away the tiredness of the day.

Your friends and family will love your leather cow rug and enjoy the subtle aroma of quality leather it brings to your room.

Our cowhide rugs look fabulous on any floor and fit all décor styles as a delicate textural accent or a focal feature of leather style & beauty.

By adding one of our animal skin rugs to your décor, you can unite a room that uses multiple wood types & colours.

Or you can use your cowhide's organic shape to add a fresh and luscious softness to a room of hard-edged furniture.

Your cowhide rug will anchor the furniture in a room and, when placed on an angle, the rug will draw you in to relax in comfort.

Even if you place the rug in a doorway, you can still open and close the door over your cowhide without snagging, thanks to the sleekness & thinness of our premium animal skins.

Cow skin rugs are practical for the whole family

Cowhides are easy to clean up after dog or cat peeYou will love the practicality of our cowhide rugs, which are easy to clean. And will keep on giving while coping with foot traffic, normal family life, children & pets.

No-fuss cleaning is a clear advantage of these durable natural leather floor coverings. 

Our Gorgoures Creatures cowhide cleaner is all you need to care for your rug, so you can rest easy as children & pets and feet enjoy your rug’s luxurious soft feel.

The back of your cow skin mat will grip naturally to hard floors, minimising movement rather than slipping around.

And, there is more good news!

The cowhides are hypo-allergenic as they do not trap dust, and the leather processing eliminates allergens such as dander and pollen.

Your quality animal skin rug will become a much-loved family heirloom and bring you and your family many long years of enjoyment.

" These beautiful cowhide rugs are natural works of art and are a continuing worldwide design phenomenon that has not slowed down. "

How do you know the size of a cowhide rug?

How big is a cowhide rug? How do you measure a cowhide rug? Good question - Every hide has a different organic shape.

At the tannery the size of the hide is measured by a machine that scans the surface area of each rug.

This gives us the amount of leather in a cowhide rug in square meters and there is usually a sticker with the size stuck on the back of the rug.

As shown in the diagram, we measure from the widest points of the animal skin across the back legs and head to tail off center


Where to measure your cowhide rug

Understanding how Gorgeous Creatures measure cowhides

Every cowhide company uses a different scale to measure hides.So an online cowhide company may claim to sell large hides but on our size scale they are only a small medium or medium sized skin.

How big are our cowhide rugs?

We use square metres (msq) as the way of measuring & pricing our cow skins:-

  • A very small rug is under 2msq 'square metres'
  • A small rug is from 2.1msq - 2.7msq 'square metres'
  • A small medium rug is from 2.8msq - 3.05msq 'square metres'
  • A medium rug is from 3.1msq - 3.45msq 'square metres'
  • A large medium rug is from 3.5msq - 3.85msq 'square metres'
  • A large rug is from 3.9msq - 4.2msq 'square metres' and
  • An extra large rug can be over 4.3msq 'square metres' 

We supply these measurements in metric squares metres and also the lineal head to tail and across the hide legs measurements.

This is to help you work out the correct hide size for your room setting or interior space.

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