We are away for a short trip from Friday 29th back on Tuesday 2nd Aug. Orders will be shipped promptly after our return - Thanks.


We are away for a short trip from Friday 29th back on Tuesday 2nd Aug. Orders will be shipped promptly after our return - Thanks.

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Gorgeous Creatures has been in business a long time and over the years we have had many wonderful emails from happy customers.

Too many in fact, so we are only showing a select few that are particularly good or helpful to our potential new customers. Kirsty is the owner of Gorgeous Creatures.

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I spent quite a bit of time searching the internet for a cowhide ottoman with specific colors, size etc. Every time I’d save a picture of the ones I’d like they were from a place called Gorgeous Creatures in NZ. Being in LA I assumed that considering this place would be both impractical and expensive. But, after being ignored by another store in Texas I sent an inquiry. Right away I received a response and then a quote from Kirsty. I was surprised that the cost for exactly what I wanted was competitive with other stock pieces I kept seeing online. We went through the design process and Kirsty asked me all the right questions to ensure everything was perfect. I was able to select the cowhide with pictures, was able to opt into the number of seams, stain color for the legs, how the legs lined up, so much detail that I never would have considered. She kept me informed during the whole process, even sending pictures and emailing updates. It was incredibly easy to work with her even with so many miles between us. I received the piece yesterday and it’s exactly what I wanted. Julia - LA USA March 2019


Purchased beautiful sheepskin rug "Polar Bear" for my two year old grandsons birthday. He loves it. I was drawn to the 'interactive' eyes by stroking the wool one way for open eyes and reverse for closed eyes. Thank you also for the informative cleaning/brushing advice. Kirsty, the visit to your showroom was fun, you made me feel more than welcome and did not rush me to make a decision. I received as a gift (a very welcome addition to my winter wardrobe) your fabulous Riviera 3 tone Possum Merino Wrap which is light, cosy and stylish. Every time I wear this garment I receive compliments. Pam - Auckland NZ August 2018


Hi Kirsty, our cowhide arrived safe and sound this morning. We absolutely love it! We will be recommending your business and website to friends for sure. Thanks again, Debbie - VIC Australia April 2017


I just received my two blankets, everything is prefect. Arrived safe and sound. I'm so in love with them. They are so wonderful. Wish I had ordered them sooner. My partner and I are going to wrap ourselves up in them on the couch and watch a movie. Thank you again, Regards Daniel - NSW Australia - May 2017


Dear Kirsty - thank you so much for the GORGEOUS wrist-warmers which came yesterday. I would just like you to know that these are the single most wonderful thing which has happened for my poor left wrist in 3 months since I fractured it (it is having more than a bit of trouble healing). I put the wrist-warmers on to lay down on the couch in the sun to take a nap and I felt like I was in heaven - they were like a mini-spa for my wrists and hands. Thank you for uplifting my spirits and for the beauty you are spreading in this world. Blessings to you and your lovely work and much love, Reetta - California USA - July 2017


Kirsty, We love the delicate (and robust!) alpaca blankets as well as the possum merino throw, which is gracing the back of a ‘pearl grey’ Laura Ashley sofa. Top quality products, top pleasure for us. Thank you from a totally satisfied customer. Warm regards, Ellen - NSW Australia - September 2016


Kirsty Hi, I just went back to your website and saw Gorgeous Creatures had received recognition for excellence in customer service; it promoted me to write back and give permission for you to publish feedback I provided below, and/or this as well. Truly, amazing customer service. We Aussies could learn a thing or two. Gorgeous Creatures will be my ‘go too’ from now on for possum merino, my absolute favourite. We have very cold winters here in Canberra that would rival NZ any day and possum merino is simply unbeatable for warmth and comfort. Josie May - ACT Australia - May 2016


Kirsty, We received our cowhide rug today, only 3 days delivery to Perth which is incredibly fast.  The rug is absolutely fantastic and exceeds our expectations, it is the perfect size and colour with a brilliant shiny coat.  It looked good in the picture on the website but it looks incredible on our wooden floor. Before we had ordered your rug we had purchased a cowhide rug locally in Perth, but once we got it home we had to return it because we were not happy with the quality.  We then searched the web, and being a kiwi boy that grew up on a dairy farm I researched what was available in NZ.  I saw your website and was impressed by your videos on how to pick a quality cowhide rug.  We then ordered this rug from you and boy are we glad we did. Your fantastic product, awesome service and fast delivery have made us very happy customers.  We would recommend gorgeous creatures products to anyone. Thanks, Jason - Perth - WA Australia - January 2015


Kirsty, My blanket arrived and I love, love, love it.  My daughter and I saw one in San Diego but did not buy it and have been looking for another ever since.  When I saw your website, I KNEW that was what we wanted. She is going off to college for the first time so I ordered it for her and since I often wear lavender essential oil instead of perfume, I rubbed a little on my hands and touched the blanket. When she realized this was the blanket she had been looking for almost a year she just teared up and held it. Then she looked at me and said "Mommy it smells like you!" This will be the perfect thing for her when she gets a little home-sick. You guys are awesome. Thank You Thank You Thank You!!! Rebecca California USA Sept 2015


Kirsty, we are home, cowhides are on the floor and they are fabulous, we love them. There was no problem at entry at all. I am going to chat with Heidi and maybe see if I can convince her the beige cow skin needs a mate, in the black one! We will wait until we see the new shipment pictures as I think we will get more calf skins as well. Thanks again for being so patient with us and for the great service. All the best. David - BC Canada - Sept 2014


Dear Kirsty, the fabulous possum throw is finally with me and it’s even more fabulous than I imagined. What is even better is that it contains the love and best wishes of family and friends. Such an excellent idea and so easy for people to use, both in NZ and overseas. It took the hassle out of thinking what to get for a birthday present and people knew they were contributing to something truly desired. Thanks again for your help with colourings and backing fabric and then the ultimate delivery. Cheers Elaine - Perth - WA Australia - August 2014


Kirsty, I forgot to write back to you and tell you how delighted we are with our men’s possum jumper you posted us.  It’s absolutely gorgeous and it’s the best reaction I've got for any birthday present for my husband as we live in the freezing highlands south of Sydney.  Also delightful for me to hug! Couldn't be happier…it’s a gorgeous product and will bring us pleasure for years to come.  Thank you! Kristie - Sydney - NSW Australia - July 2014


Hi Kirsty, The possum fur has arrived! It looks spectacular, or did for the 5 mins it was artfully draped on the sofa before the boys wrapped themselves in it for the rest of the afternoon. The colour is perfect, in fact almost identical to our tabby cat which may be an issue as she also has quite taken to the rug and she is very difficult to see once on it – a squishing risk so we will have to remember to look out for her white nose. Thanks for all your help and advice in sizing and colour choice, it is a beautiful product. Will try and send photos if I can hunt out the camera this weekend. Kind regards, Julie  - Perth - WA Australia - June 2014


Dear Kirsty, I write to thank you for your time and professionalism in assisting me to create my perfect ottoman. From the outset you were very accommodating, allowing me to take home different hides to compare against my existing furnishings. At all times you were a pleasure to deal with. What most impressed me, was your willingness to experiment with different leg options. When the existing range was not quite what I was after, you went so far as to arrange for a set of wooden prototype legs without additional charge to me. Then when I decided to electroplate a set of aluminium legs, you even offered to arrange follow up, drop off and collection. Nothing seemed too difficult for you, and your willingness to positively respond to and assist me with my various ideas made what could have been quite a frustrating process, a breeze. The ottoman itself is precisely what I was after. It was well constructed, and looks beautiful. I would, without reservation, recommend your services to anyone looking for a high quality, beautiful piece of furniture. Thank you again. Regards Angela - Auckland New Zealand - November 2014.


I found an amazing cow skin ottoman in one of Sydney's chicest designer furniture stores, the price tag, however, was horrifying. I searched on line for an alternative and came across Gorgeous Creatures. While it was a quite a significant investment to be made across the seas, the team at GC were incredibly helpful and open. It gave me the confidence to place the order, pay the money and cross my fingers. I could not be happier. The resulting Ottoman is far better than the one I saw at the original retailer at about 1/3 of the price. I've only had it a week (very fast, well communicated delivery) but everyone that walks into my home is bowled over by how chic it looks. It is a beautiful piece that I'm sure will give us many, many years of pleasure. Thanks GC. Dale - Sydney - NSW Australia - August 2012


We purchased one of the really big hides from Gorgeous Creatures for our lounge for Christmas last year. It has totally transformed the living area - so much so that we recently tried another hide in the dining room to compliment the look and we're looking at this one for Christmas this year! The quality of the hides is out-standing...The best I have seen! What amazes me the most is just how durable they really are. We have two young children, a dog and a cat and the hide still looks new! There has been no curling of the corners either. The range is fantastic at Gorgeous Creatures. There are such beautiful rich colors, sizes and styles available. Kirsty is a delight to deal with and very accommodating to her clients needs and demands. I would highly recommend Gorgeous Creatures cowhides mainly for their superb quality but also for the service provided by Kirsty. Sasha - Auckland New Zealand - Sept 2012


Dear Kirsty: I can not thank you enough. The package arrived today with the items that I ordered from you [possum merino knitwear].  The package was in great shape (having traveled almost 9,000 miles [over 14,000 kilometers) and the items were exactly what I was looking for!  I also have to tell you that you are just a delight to have met and talked to (both on-line and over the phone) and you were unbelievably helpful in making sure I ordered and received exactly what I was looking for. You were also extremely helpful in working with me to determine the appropriate method of shipping. In today's world, as one searches on-line for an item it is extremely difficult to know who you are dealing with and whether or not the person and company are honest and responsible and whether or not the product will be of high quality and whether or not it will even come as promised. However, you (and Gorgeous Creatures) are a company that exemplifies how businesses can and should operate and deal with customers.  You are helping to define what customer service should be. I look forward to recommending you to all of my friends and, in fact, I am looking forward to figuring out what else I can order from you, as I do look forward to the possibility of working with you again. Kirsty - you are wonderful!! Regards, Marc - Connecticut USA - Dec 2011



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