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Taxes & Duty

Who pays the tax & duty?

You are responsible for paying any import taxes & duties (if any) when you shop online. It is very difficult to know if taxes and duty will apply to your order, as each country has a different set of rules. And these rules change from time to time. You should familiarize yourself with the rules for your home country.

When you shop online with Gorgeous Creatures, you automatically agree to our terms of trade by using our website.

Buying from a country overseas (outside of your country zone), you should always assume that taxes and duties may apply. 

This applies to all countries but especially to the UK, Europe and Canada who seems to be more strict. 

When your order arrives at a customs border it will be assessed, and if tax and duty are payable, the customs office will contact you directly for payment before they release your order.

You are responsible for this payment, and it is not automatically included in the cost of the goods unless stated.

Ask us if you are unsure, however we can not tell you how much tax or duty will be due, that's the job of customs. The links below to tax and duty calculators are for estimation purposes only, we do not warrant or guarantees any results you get from these external calculators.

Each country has a different threshold for when tax or duty is applied. We have no way of knowing what these thresholds or charges might be. Universal tax and duty calculator (5 free calculations every day).

If you refuse to accept (reject) a parcel that has been stopped by customs, and refuse to pay the required taxes or duties, this is NOT deemed to be non-delivery of the goods by Gorgeous Creatures.

You cannot request a charge-back from your credit card or PayPal for this reason. This goes against their rules. And our returns policy mirrors the terms of your credit card company, that state that charge backs are specifically not allowed for non-payment of taxes and duty.

If the parcel is returned to Gorgeous Creatures due to non-payment of your local country tax, duty and customs fees then any right of charge-back is cancelled.

25% re-stocking fee will be charged on any orders returned for non-payment of tax and customs fees.

UK & Europe

As far as we are aware, in the UK anything over the value of 40 pounds, will have VAT added by UK customs + a small clearance fee. Duty may aso allpy for some product categories. European countries each have their own taxes and tariffs. Our prices DO NOT include these duties or taxes.

Read about UK VAT and duty

Canada & USA

In Canada orders over CAD$20 will have Canadian GST added + a small clearance fee. Duties may also apply for some product catagories. Our prices DO NOT include these duties or taxes.

Canada tax and duty calculator

The USA has a much higher threshold of US$800 before duty is applied. And it seems that there are no import taxes charged for personal imports from New Zealand into the USA. Our prices DO NOT include these duties or taxes.

US tax and duty calculator


Australia is different. On the 1st July 2018 Australia changed the tax law so that ALL imports into Australia are liable for 10% Australian GST. We are now registered for Australian GST, so the GST is paid when you buy online from Gorgeous Creatures, and ship to an Australian address. We pay it to ATO on your behalf. Australian GST is already automatically included in the product price.

New Zealand

We are based in New Zealand, so New Zealand GST is automatically included in the product price, if the order is being delivered to a New Zealand address.