We are away for a short trip from Friday 29th back on Tuesday 2nd Aug. Orders will be shipped promptly after our return - Thanks.


We are away for a short trip from Friday 29th back on Tuesday 2nd Aug. Orders will be shipped promptly after our return - Thanks.

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About Us

About Gorgeous Creatures

Gorgeous Creatures Showroom in Auckland New Zealand


Gorgeous Creatures are now able to ship all of our products but expect some delays with dispatch and shipping. Everything will take longer for a while until life returns to near normal.

Gorgeous Creatures is a specialist online retailer of beautiful quality cowhide rugs, animal skins and natural fibre home decor products based in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

We are passionate about texture and natural fibres for home decor, gifts and fashion.

A very strong area of expertise for Gorgeous Creatures is our beautiful custom-made cowhide ottomans & cowhide bench seats. Round or oval ottomans have become really popular.

We lead the world in making cowhide ottomans and have made over 150 unique ottomans, that now live all over the world.

These cowhide ottomans & chairs are made here in New Zealand and can be shipped overseas.

We have lots of great things going on at Gorgeous Creatures. A lot of our wonderful products are New Zealand made, or carefully selected from trusted International suppliers.

We source the very best natural fibre home decor products from prominent New Zealand brands made from alpaca & mohair, possum fur, sheepskin & possum merino wool clothing.

Gorgeous Creatures is a quality-driven, New Zealand-owned and operated business that has been trading at the very top end of the niche home decor market since 2008.

Gorgeous Creatures Showroom Auckland New Zealand

And now we send our gorgeous products all over the world especially to Australia, Canada and the USA, but also to other countries on a regular basis.

Our mission at Gorgeous Creatures is to present you with an extensive range of the very best-quality, unique home-ware products to decorate your home, or fashion to make you look like a gorgeous creature - including:-

cowhide rugs & animal skins
• possum fur products (possum fur throws & possum fur blankets)
cowhide, leather or fabric ottomans & bench seats
sheepskins and lambskins
alpaca blankets & duvets
mohair blankets & mohair throws
pet pamper products & pet beds
possum merino knitwear garments & accessories
cowhide handbags

Kirsty gives you the best decor advice

Kirsty Mason from Gorgeous CreaturesWhen buying from Gorgeous Creatures you will be dealing directly with the owner - Kirsty Mason. You will enjoy the benefits of her specialist knowledge and experience.

And you have her promise that you will receive all the pre-sales advice and after-sales service you need to feel confident in your purchase.

Kirsty is a typical ‘Taurus’ who loves beautiful things, colour, sparkle & tactical soft textures.

Kirsty still remembers the hideous 1970's orange, brown & olive green floral wallpaper in the kitchen when she was a child, and says she's still "scarred for life" by that wallpaper. Maybe that's when she knew she wanted to be an interior designer!

With an extensive background in retail sales & online marketing, Kirsty is accomplished in product sourcing, interior decoration, fabric selection and furniture design & production.

Most importantly for you, after sourcing animal skins for more than fifteen years, she has an extensive knowledge of the entire Gorgeous Creatures product range.

Kirsty also costs and designs our custom-made products like cowhide ottomans and possum fur blankets.

Ask her advice on the best products for your personal situation and interior décor style. You are guaranteed an excellent customer experience.

Gorgeous Creatures is a member of Retail NZ, and is 100% New Zealand owned and operated.

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Our online store in Taradale, Napier, New Zealand

We certainly aren't a normal retail shop, there are lots of things that make us special.

About eight years ago we decided to change from regular opening hours to by appointment most of the time.

We are very specialized and we found that most people called before they came to see us anyway.  So this allows us to be at the showroom whenever you need us to be. It's very flexible and allows us the time to visit our customers or suppliers.

So when people call to ask what our opening hours are we say "whenever you want them to be, you just need to make a time". If you want us to be there when you need us then making an appointment is the safest way ph +64 9 522 1050.

At our Napier warehouse you will find lots of wonderful products. About 50% of our products are unique one-off pieces like the cowhide rugs & calfskin rugs. So once they are sold the unique item is gone.

Other items like the most popular colours & sizes of sheepskins and Mohair or Alpaca throw blankets are repeatable and in stock, but current stocks change daily. We can quickly order in anything that we don't have on the day you come to visit.

We hold a large stock of possum merino wool accessories but the garments like jackets, sweaters & wraps are usually ordered in as needed from our supplier and are not stocked in the shop. They only take a day or two to arrive before we ship them swiftly off to you.

The Gorgeous Creatures showroom is now mostly online.

Ph +64 9 522 1050 or text 027 222 6230 or email showroom@gorgeouscreatures.co.nz to make a time to visit us soon.

We regularly ship our beautiful products to many countries including the USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, Singapore, China, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and many more... if your country is not listed in the freight options then we do not currently ship to that country. 

Customer service at Gorgeous Creatures

Excellence in customer service is the distinguishing feature that puts Gorgeous Creatures head and shoulders above other online competitors in the market both here in New Zealand, Australia & the world.

For the last five years we have been recognized with a "Best customer service" award from Houzz.com.au. Visit our Houzz.com.au profile here.

Our cowhide rug stock is hand-selected at carefully chosen supplier tanneries by professionals who are trained in our high standards.

They turn through hundreds of hides and skins for us one by one - and select only the cowhide stars in accordance with our strict selection criteria.

Our insistence on only buying export quality hides means our selectors’ painstaking search can take several weeks to complete.

This meticulous screening process results in us buying only from the top five to ten per cent of premium skins that our tannery stocks.

To learn more about how to select a quality cowhide rug please watch our informative video.

Why do we opt for such high standards of excellence for our products?

Because we are committed to ensuring that your purchase from Gorgeous Creatures is an investment in quality – lasting quality that will bring you pleasure for many years to come.

And we want you to be very happy with your purchase and return to shop with us again and again.

We know that poor quality cowhides will quickly bring disappointment. 

And, because of this, we choose to leave the buying of cheap hides found in pop-up shops and markets to others: Bald patches, cuts and cowhide curling at the edges are just three of the unsightly consequences of low-grade hides.

The former head of the Gucci business empire, Aldo Gucci, sums up perfectly the concept of ‘buying cheap’:

“The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory.”

Here at Gorgeous Creatures; we agree!

Environmental information

All of our leather goods & animal skins are derived from renewable resources and are humanely produced.

The cowhides, calfskin's & sheepskins are a bi-product. These animals have been farmed for food. These animals are NOT killed for their skins.

NZ Possums are classified by the New Zealand's Department of Conservation as pests, they are a non-native pest that devours approximately eight million tons of New Zealand forest vegetation each year.

Their fur skins are a bi-product of the pest control measures that exist in New Zealand to protect the country’s trees and native wildlife. For more information on this, please visit our invasive species page.
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