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Add Some WOW with a Black & White Cowhide Rug

Black & white cowhide rugs are highly sought after, and our stock at Gorgeous Creatures is the best quality you will find online. These superb black and white cowhide rugs work beautifully with a modern or classic style home. They look just as good on a concrete floor or a wooden floor. And go with all kinds of furniture from antiques to contemporary.

Add some WOW to your home with a new black and white cowhide rug. The smoky grey salt and pepper cowhides are also a modern twist on a classic look. And the best thing is that this neutral colour cowhide works with all kinds of bright colours accents like red or orange.

Gorgeous Creatures was the first retail company to import extremely high quality black and white cowhide rugs into New Zealand, and has revolutionized the industry worldwide.

We were the first company to offer individually photographed cowhides to our retail customers, when others online just showed an example hide. Because each cowhide is photographed individually, you are guaranteed you will receive exactly the cowhide you order. There will be no surprises, however your computer screen may show colours slightly different to reality.

Gorgeous Creatures was the first company to work out the best way to care for cowhides and to provide clear cleaning instructions, and the first to develop a special cowhide cleaner that is safe for use on leather.

Even now, our online retail store has one of the widest selections of cowhide colours and sizes available in New Zealand – including some really large cowhides. Perfect for larger homes or ottomans.

Our amazing Brazilian supplier uses the best tanning techniques with high quality chemicals and trained technicians, resulting in cowhides are gorgeously shiny, soft and supple enough to make incredible cowhide ottomans.

All cowhides are a unique and natural product, so they may contain some small natural imperfections from tick bites, and fence or tree rubbing. Sometimes Brazilian cowhides have a brand, but we make sure they are subtle and nice looking.

Cowhides make robust family friendly rugs, and are low maintenance, making them very easy to care for. This video shows how to vacuum a cowhide, and this video shows an amazing cowhide cleaning demonstration.

If your new cowhide has any fold lines once it arrives, these should disappear once the leather has been on a flat hard floor for a few weeks. To speed things up you can iron the fold lines out of cowhide rugs.

If you want advice on buying a quality cowhide rug please feel free to give us a call ph +64 9 522 1050. We send our high quality black and white cowhide rugs all over the world, but most often to New Zealand, Australia and America.