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Online Shopping

Online shopping has become a normal part of modern life, but there are still a few things you can do to stay safe online.

If we can share some words of wisdom we would say that the first thing you should check on any e-commerce website is the contact us page.

If there is only a contact form and nothing else, no phone number or a person's name then run a mile! If they won't tell you or show you who they are then why should you trust them?

We know that it is ironic for an e-commerce website to be saying this but it is also a good idea to have a credit card with a lower limit that you use exclusively for internet purchases.

And always take out the banks credit card insurance offer, it could save you if the worst happens.

Safe Online Shopping Advice

Reviews are a great way to gauge how good a website is at customer service, what other people say is worth listening to, if a website has a lot of reviews it shows a good long history of happy customers.

How do you know the reviews are real? You can usually tell a made up review by the way it is written. Real reviews are normally a quick note or email from a customer.

They are not carefully composed sentences and often contain the odd typo (to be fair I sometimes fix the bad typos or it makes my website look unprofessional) and the grammar won't be perfect.

If the review sounds like it was written by a copywriter then it is probably fake (although some of our customers are very eloquent). New companies often write their own reviews. Ours are all real! We have been in business for a long time.

We have been selling our interior decor and fashion products for over 15 years now so we have a long history of very happy customers.

In fact our testimonials page was getting a bit ridiculously long so we don't put every single review online anymore (only the best or most helpful for our customers).

Our profile also has reviews from some of our overseas customers - check it out! 

Auction Sites

Shopping on auction sites like eBay or TradeMe it might feel like you can find a bargain but more often than not, the goods are not as described. This is especially so with animal skins where the quality can vary wildly.

There are some unscrupulous business people who take photos off reputable sites like this one and present products online. But when you get the product it is nothing like the picture. 

We hope that our site is easy to use but if you have any trouble please send us an email or give us a call +64 9 522 1050 (check the New Zealand time zone) and we can take the order off-line over the phone or by email.

Understanding prices on this multi-currency display website

We are a New Zealand based company are now taking payments is some of the major international currencies. If you are from a place that we ship to but is not a currency that we support then your order will be charged in New Zealand dollars and will then be converted by your credit card provider. Prices displayed on this website (other than NZ Dollars) are an estimate only based on a currency conversion service that is updated daily for your convenience.

Once you have made a purchase your bank/credit card provider will convert the final NZ$ amount into your local currency at the time of the transaction based on their exchange rates. Be aware that there might be a small difference between the displayed price on our website and the international currency conversion your bank does due to fluctuations in exchange rates and the difference between the mid-rate used for display and a buy-rate used for currency conversion of an online purchase. We have no control over this and it is nothing to worry about.

Payment gateway trouble-shooting

If your payment is failing and you know that your credit card has plenty of funds it is most likely that you entered your credit card numbers or expiry date incorrectly (a lot of people forget to change the expiry date on the form).

You would be amazed how many people get this wrong more than once, try to enter the numbers again paying close attention to similar numbers like 2's and 3's. And it seems that some people miss changing the expiry date on the payment page in the drop down boxes.

I guess it is the excitement of buying beautiful stuff from us :-)! Our payment gateway only accepts MasterCard or Visa at this time.

Or it might be an internet connection issue. If the connection between you, our website and the bank drops out even for a tiny moment this can be enough for the bank to reject a payment.

We know it is a pain but try again in a few minutes and if all else fails please email or phone us. We really really really want to help you out and we can take orders over the phone or by email.

We will need to know all the usual stuff like what product you want, your address, phone number, email address, freight preference and payment details.