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Ivory Wool Sheepskin Rug - Octo (8-skin) 214cm x 180cm

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Eight Sewn Sheepskins

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NZ Bred Sheepskin

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Natural Colour No Dye

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Usually Made To Order

A beautiful large sheepskin rug using eight whole-skin matched ivory sheepskins, sewn together to make a large rug that is 214cm x 180cm.

These ivory sheepskins are the natural white colour of a New Zealand sheep. (a blush of creamy ivory).

Approximate dimensions of the Octo Sheepskin Rug is 214cm x 180cm. Wool pile height is a minimum of 5cm (2”).

Natural Long-wool sheepskin rugs are soft and fluffy. This octo wool rug uses eight sheepskins that are sewn together to form a large wool rug from expertly matched New Zealand sheepskins. 

BONUS FREE wool carding brush worth $34.50 with every Octo sheepskin rug order to help you care for your rug.

Usually made to order - allow 7-10 days before dispatch. We hand select matching sheepskins for your rug. It will be well worth the wait.

This rug is perfect for a lounge, den, bedroom or home theater room. And they can also be used in a home theater room or in front of a fireplace to great effect.

Although these rugs are predominantly used on the floor as luxurious coverings this can also be draped over a bed.

This rug can be protected with MicroSeal protective spray to make it more hard wearing - talk to us about this option.

This does not mean that it will never need cleaning. But if you spill something terrible it will help to prevent this being a major problem and allow you time to have the rug cleaned professionally. 

A NOTE ABOUT FREIGHT:- This product must travel by courier because of its value and size. Even though this website allows you to select air post, we can not send it this way because it is too large and over the maximum value allowed for International air post. 

Your carefully selected Sheepskin may have been tightly packaged for the journey home and so the wool may appear flattened. Wool fibers are very resilient and will bounce back to their original springy appearance.

A vigorous shake will help restore the soft, fluffy appearance of the wool. Any fold marks from packaging will disappear once the skin has been removed from the package for several days. 

For full sheepskin washing instructions with photos please read our blog.

Machine or hand wash your sheepskin in warm water (38°C/100°F) using the Gorgeous Creatures Woolskin Wash. Spin to remove excess water.

Dry your Sheepskin flat or on a line and stretch to shape while damp. Keep away from direct sunlight and artificial heat. Tumble dry your Sheepskin on LOW. Take care not to place the Sheepskin on a radiator, steam pipe or in front of a fan heater as this may damage the Sheepskin. Do not iron or bleach the Sheepskin.

After washing, the wool may revert back to its natural curly state. You can help restore the fluffy appearance by brushing the wool while it is wet and again when it is dry using a sheepskin carding brush.