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Art gallery style ottoman in bright velvet

Bright Velvet Ottomans

A great seating solution for the office.

We recently had the opportunity to make two beautiful velvet ottomans for a high-end Auckland business.

The financial advisory business in Ponsonby Auckland was in an old two-story villa, which had been converted into offices. 

Office in old villa with wood floorsThe old villa entry is a wide hallway with native timber floorboards, and dark charcoal carpet in two side alcoves.

Amazing high ceilings with a beautiful crystal chandelier, white walls, and white window shutters gave this space a welcoming feeling with a mix of classic and contemporary elements.

The business wanted to give the foyer an art gallery feel, with beautiful New Zealand original artwork. The velvet ottomans fit the art gallery theme perfectly and are ideal for clients to sit on while waiting for a meeting.

They hold monthly client functions, using the foyer and adjoining meeting rooms. The ottomans can be moved around as needed, and people who do not know each other can sit on an ottoman together without feeling uncomfortable.

Many of their clients are older. The brief was to make the ottoman height slightly taller than normal at 43cm (17”) in seat height so that people could easily sit down and stand up.

The style of the office mixes old with new, so they chose very contemporary matt black metal legs, that complimented the black doors and charcoal carpet. In fact, the bright velvet ottomans appear to be floating over the carpet. Orange velvet ottomans

When it came to velvet colour choice, the clients were very brave and knew what they wanted straight away. They wanted colours that ‘popped’ and brightened the space. They wanted to make a statement!

They opted for a bright mandarin orange for the rectangle velvet ottoman. And a deep burnt orange for the oval velvet ottoman. The orange tones complimented the natural timber flooring and contrasted beautifully with the dark charcoal carpet.

The oval ottoman is very modern and flexible shape. Oval furniture can fit into spaces that other shapes crowd. An oval ottoman can solve a difficult design issue.

The quality velvet fabric has what we call a ‘dry’ velvet finish. This means that it has a more matt pile that absorbs light, rather than the shiny ‘wet’ velvet that reflects light and can look glossy. The intense rich colours are amazing. There is a gorgeous wide colour range available.

The fabric ottomans can be moved around the space, and their positions can be swapped from time to time to make the space feel fresh and new.

For the lovely white painted gallery style walls, with very high ceilings, they will be looking for original artwork that has touches of orange tones to pull the whole look together.

The resulting colourful velvet ottomans look wonderful in the space. Bold, bright, inviting, but also very practical.

Bright orange velvet ottoman furniture

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